"Flip Slier, a young boy, writing letters to his parents, asking them to save the letters and to hide them... It was Manus de Groot who found the letters and that was the beginning of events Flip could not have foreseen, that were leading to this book. The book is very important; more important is what Deborah and Ian have accomplished, probably without realizing it. Not only Flip, but a whole lost, murdered family has come to life, have been given personalities, and faces, and around them friends who also had been lost and came to life in this book. The friends who survived and shared their memories were very important because they are witnesses of that time.

Hidden Letters is an eloquent, luminous journey in the life of Flip Slier. The book's historical documentation successfully serves as a backdrop for Flip's poignant letters to his family and friends.

The development of a thinking, proactive and vigilant student--this is critical thinking on its highest level! I strongly recommend Hidden Letters for student study and suggest the inclusion of this stellar book in teacher workshops."
- Esther Denaro Maltese, Ph.D.
Founder and President,
The Rose and Joseph Denaro Interfaith Center for the Study of Genocide and Violence Prevention
Rochester, New York