"Personal narratives and testimony help us to piece together the stories and events of the Holocaust, whose lethal fingers reached into almost every corner of Europe. However, diaries and letters have an immediacy that is shocking in their honesty, suspense, and irony. Hidden Letters, originally published in Dutch in 1999, is a treasure trove of 86 letters and postcards that a young Jewish man, Flip (Philip) Slier, wrote from April 25 to Sept.14, 1942, in the labor camp of Molengoot in northeastern Netherlands. In a letter dated June 3, 1942, Flip wrote: “Pa, you can safely keep the letters. Put them in a corner somewhere, nobody will notice.” He was very much mistaken...Hidden Letters is not only a collection of letters written by Flip Slier, as heartrending as they are...[it is also] extensive[ly] annotat[ed] with over 200 photographs, maps, documents, realia (like stamps, ration cards, coins, stickers), posters, a family tree, lists of people mentioned, as well as thorough bibliographical references and an illustrated index. All this detailed information reflects the anguish and courage of the people of occupied Holland. Flip’s ordeal is placed in a broader historical context through relevant articles, for example, the Jewish Council in Amsterdam, Mauthausen concentration camp, and Sobibor. The design of this book is stunning. The layout of letters, photos, and other documents is logical and attractive; the margins, generous; the fonts, clear and readable...heartbreaking and inspiring."
- Jewish Book World, Spring 2008