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"When you read Hidden Letters, the book is going to leave a mark. It’s going to hurt down deep and leave you thinking about things long after you’ve finished the book."
- Mel Odom,
Blog Review,
"Hidden Letters s a treasure revealed. .... This is a compelling, disturbing, and heartbreaking great read."
- Kathleen Baxter,
columnist School Library Journal
"It is the most important and moving document I have ever read."
- Professor Barbara Cole,
Sand Hills Community College, NC
"For someone who was moved as he saw the Amsterdam Dockworkers' Memorial and was humbled by a visit to Westerbork Camp, this book brings home the pathos of all who suffered in the Netherlands under Nazi oppression. It is a real contribution to our knowledge of those pitiful times."
- Rev. Dr. John Sullivan, O.C.D.
Publisher, ICS Publications (Institute of Carmelite Studies)
- Esther Denaro Maltese, Ph.D.
Founder and President,
The Rose and Joseph Denaro Interfaith Center for the Study of Genocide and Violence Prevention
- Jewish Book World, Spring 2008
"Hidden Letters is an extraordinary piece of scholarship with a deeply moving personal story. The book is artfully shaped around two bundles of letters found in 1997 in the bathroom ceiling...."
- Arend A. Vander
Pols, d.i.s. magazine (a quarterly publication of the Dutch International Society)
Volume 40, No.2
September, 2008
"The best holocaust book I've ever read,and I've read them all."
- Jack Polack,
Chairman Emeritus, The Anne Frank Society
- István Deák,
Emeritus of History, Columbia University
"Much has been written about the Holocaust, but rarely has the destruction of life in a civilized country been documented with such intimacy as in these letters. They are almost unbearable to read, and yet it is essential that we do so."
- Ian Buruma
Author: Murder in Amsterdam; The Wages of Guilt
- David Barnouw
& Critical Edition of Anne Frank & Who Betrayed Anne Frank?
"Hidden Letters will appeal to WW2 buffs, to Holocaust buffs and to Jews. I am none of the above but I could not stop reading it and so I think it will appeal to everyone."
- Preston Nash
KNZR Radio
- Guy Stern
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Wayne State University
Director, Harry and Wanda Zekelman International Institute of the Righteous,
Holocaust Memorial Center, Farmington Hills, Michigan
- Anita Brookner
Author, Hotel du Lac & Leaving Home
"This work is beautifully and interestingly presented, and it is the most important and most moving document I have ever read. I want to go to Vrolik Street. I want to meet Karel; can there be a better example of a friend than he?"
- Professor Barbara Cole
Author: Wash Day and Anna and Natalie
"It is spectacular."
- Rabbi Stephan L. Jacobs
Professor of Religious Studies,University of Alabama
Member of the Advisory Board of the Center for Comparative Genocide Studies
- Publisher's Weekly
-Robert Leiter
-Lucy Tobin
-Hannah M. Heller